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Amnesia Projects: How I started my own clothing brand

My name is Rowan van Schaijck, I am a 19 year old e-commerce student from the Netherlands with a huge interest in photography. While thinking about starting my own business I tried to find something where I could combine all my skills into one project. In my case I focused on E-commerce, online marketing, photography, social media advertising, storytelling and design. During my search I was also an online content intern at a streetwear shop which made it an easy decision, I'm gonna start my own sustainable streetwear brand.

Black Cyrillic Tee by Amnesia Projects

Finding a supplier

Once I committed to the idea of starting Amnesia Projects, I first made a list of things that had to be done. I had to find the right supplier, make my own designs and build a website.

Finding a supplier turned out to be an instant match! I reached out to a local printing house and they turned out to work with a Belgian supplier that only uses recycled materials and organic cotton for their products. This helped me shape the story for Amnesia Projects at an early stage.

Designing the first products

This being the first time for me designing anything related to fashion I really struggled to come up with ideas for my first tees and hoodies. This was until I decided to keep it minimal and start with just logo tees and hoodies. I choose the right products and added a small Amnesia logo on the chest. The second design I came up with was the Cyrillic Tee, a spinoff of the logo tee but this time translated in Russian.

After ordering and reviewing the samples the printing house made me, I went on to order the first little stock to get everything going. I also went on to make tags and custom mailing bags that are all biodegradable to ad up to the sustainability of Amnesia Projects.

Building the website

To build the webshop, I decided to use Shopify. This way I can build the website but also manage my stock and setup programs like Instagram Shopping, all from one platform, without needing any knowledge related to coding and html.

Finding my first customers

When I finally got the first stock delivered I went straight on to try out different ways to find my customers. I was really lucky to have a lot of supporting friends who already bought half of this stock. After this I went on to try out a lot of different strategies on Facebook ads, this helped me to make more sense of who is interested in my products and which demographics I should focus on. Most of my advertising happens on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end. I hope this article gave you more insight on how I started Amnesia Projects, but also on what to focus on when starting a new clothing brand in general. You can visit my website by clicking on this link. I would like to ask you to please come back to me with any feedback or questions.

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