• Rowan van Schaijck

How I stayed engaged during online lessons

This year we have all been confronted with different measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a response to the stay-at-home order most schools have started to provide online lessons on Microsoft Teams and Zoom. In this article I will share my experiences of these online lessons from a e-commerce students' perspective.

Why give online lessons?

Since many schools were forced to stop with their physical lessons this year, many took the opportunity to provide their students with online lessons. During he last few months, it turned out that for a portion of the lessons, it doesn't really change that much now we have to follow the lessons online. Before Covid-19, many schools preferred to give all their lessons in a classroom but I think online lessons will stay now everyone has tried it, even after the pandemic, simply because it works.

What did I learn?

The most important thing I learned while following online lessons from home is how important structure is. When I started the day following lessons without trying to do other things in between I actually got a lot of stuff done everyday. Maybe even more than at school where I would be distracted with my classmates. But there should also be structure in the lessons. It's hard to stay focused when every lesson works just slightly different everytime you join one. Luckily in my case the instructions have been very clear.

Bring structure to your day and online lessons.
Bring structure to your day and online lessons.

How to keep students engaged?

Every teacher will use a platform like Microsoft Teams Differently. Over the past months I noticed some things that worked for me and i want to share one in particular.

One of my teachers started using a site called Mentimeter. This website gives you the ability to create interactive presentations. I personally like it a lot because it helps me to stay engaged during the lessons. In this article I will tell you more about Mentimeter and how it can be used in online lessons.

Hopefully this gave you a good overview of some things I struggled with and liked about the online lessons that I followed the last few months. Feel free to get in touch with me incase of any questions.

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