• Rowan van Schaijck

Product Photography: How to make your products stand out

The way you present your products online may be one of the most important aspects of your webshop. Most people spend more time looking at the photos than reading about the product. I will show you the four most important lessons I learned as a photographer.

Lesson 1: Consistency

One of the most important aspects of your photos is to make sure they are all presented the same way. It is important to experiment first to find the right angle. Once you have found the right way to capture your product, you save this setup so all your future photos will look the same. Below is an example of how i did done this for COEF for the 5 months. See how all photos are setup the same way?

Example of consistent product photography

Lesson 2: Gear matters

There are two types of photographers, one will tell you that it is important to have an amazing camera while the other will tell you that it doesn't matter that much. The truth is, it does matter! Now i'm not gonna tell you to spend thousands on a new camera, but even the lower class DSLR cameras will make a great difference! The reason for this is the bigger sensor that DSLR and Mirrorless cameras have. It also gives you the ability to switch lenses and manually change your settings.

Comparison between smartphone and DSLR photos

Lesson 3: More photos

You want to give the customer the chance to get an idea of your product before they buy It. A good way to do this is to just add more photos! Make sure you photograph your product from all angles, don't just add 1 photo!

Example of how you can add multiple photos to your website.

Lesson 4: Settings

There are a few tips i can give you regarding the settings on your camera. Try these out while experimenting to see the difference and find out what works for you.

  • Use a wide aperture to blur out the background.

  • Don't boost your ISO to reduce grain in your photos.

  • Try different lenses

You should now be well on your way to make even better product photos than you were already doing. Never stop experimenting, find your style and keep creating!

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